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    Omani is a Montreal based company that has been promoting Israeli artists since 2003. Omani prides itself on showcasing the best in handcrafted, original artisan jewelry from Israel in sterling silver or fashion jewelry. Omanionline is the new online shopping site where shoppers around the world can now enjoy the creativity that Israel’s jewelry artisans have to offer and that Omani is committed to providing. Omani carefully selects the most exquisite pieces from each designer’s collection, choosing only the most original and unique creations. By making regular trips to Israel, Omani searches out new up and coming artists while show casing and keeping up with the latest that Israeli artists have to offer. As a result, Omani is always at the forefront of fashion trends with its quality designer jewelry that will make you feel beautiful. Fascinated by jewelry and fashion, Omani is a dynamic company that has grown and is constantly changing along with market trends but uncompromising in searching for the best in creative abilities that Israel has to offer. 

    From casual, classic, chic to funky or formal, there is Israeli jewelry to suit everyone’s taste. Exceptional materials such as Swarovski crystals, freshwater or Czech pearls, semi-precious stones, sterling silver and gold, as well as unique cast metal pieces are used to create wearable art that is always ahead of the latest trends and fashion. This innovative selection of jewelry is created by more than 20 artists from Israel, each with their own unique style. For everyday wear or the elegant evening affair there is a jewelry to suit your taste. These meticulously handmade necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings will compliment your jeans or your haute couture gown. Israeli artisans are known for their versatility and creative abilities that transcend formal or casual, young and old. The artists featured on Omanionline are inspired by the heritage, culture, landscape and fashion of Israel and its people and this is what Omanionline brings to you.