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    Is the jewellery handmade?
    Yes. All the jewellery is made by in Israel by master craftsmen using time-tested techniques to create unique designs and workmanship.

    What's different about Omani Online?
    Omani Online carefully selects from more than 15 artists, each displaying their own style and unique creativity. As a result, there is something for every taste and for all.

    How often are new designs posted on the web site?
    Seasonally, although small additions are posted throughout the year.

    Are the stones used real and do you use precious metal?
    Many pieces are made with real pearls and semi-precious stones and if so, are clearly stated in the description. The same applies for sterling silver and Gold. When Swarovski crystals are used to create the piece, it is also clear in the product description. Each piece is its own work of art and made with the highest quality of materials.

    How many years has Omani online been in business?
    Omani online was launched in 2011 as a retail site. Omani has been selling handcrafted jewelry by Israeli artists since 2003 to its wholesale customers across Canada

    How long does it take for custom orders and/or special requests?               All the jewelry comes from Israel therefore, to be safe, we always give a 6-8 week delivery time.